Hi my name is Cathy.

And this is my website and I am very proud of it.  As you can tell from the title and everything that this is a review of businesses in Portland Oregon.

So you might be asking what makes me qualified to review business in the great city of Portland.  Well, let me tell you why I am qualified.

I held many jobs as a kid.  I was always working and I worked at many different places in the city of Portland.  I have always lived in Portland.  I had a lot of great jobs and a lot of jobs that were horrible.  But all of those jobs were small jobs like summer jobs during high school and college but needless to say I had quite a few of them because I always wanted to be working.

Then after college I got a real job and then got fired and I then proceeded to bounce from job to job because I was always trying to find that perfect job.

I never found that perfect job.  I ended up starting my own company and failed.  And then I started another one and it went awesome.  I owned and worked at that company for a number of years.  While holding that job I was able to be a part of many committees and asked to be a part of many boards.

I ended up selling that company for a lot of money so I could just focus on doing charity stuff.

But going through all of that I was able to be a part of many companies and types of companies.  I really enjoyed that but what I was able to see was a lot of good successful companies and ones that were not successful.  It was kind of fun because some of the good ones had no business being good but they had a great atmosphere committed to success and then their were some that should be successful but had a terrible atmosphere that made them not be successful.

Needless to say I have acquired a really good eye for good successful companies.  Sometimes all I need to do is walk in and I can tell how that company is and does.  Needless to say I have gotten real good at judging companies.

So in this blog I will be reviewing companies and tell you what I feel about them.