Hi and welcome to my business directory of Portland Businesses.

This is kind of a mixture of a blog and a business directory.  If you read my about me page you will see why I am making this website about all of the different Portland businesses.

But I absolutely love this city of Portland.  What I love is that Portland is weird and everyone kind of goes to the beat of their own drum.  I have to say that the show Portlandia does have Portland right in some aspects.  Of course its a show and they have to find ways to make it funny at the expense of our great city but thats okay with me because the show really has helped business  and tourism in Portland.

Our city of Portland is really coming alive.  If you are not a reader of the Portland Business Journal you need to be.  It is full of amazing businesses in Portland and the surrounding areas that are really coming alive.  Plus if you are a sales person its a great avenue to see what business and industries are really starting to come alive in our great city here.

When people mention Portland most people usually only think of Nike and the Blazers.  But what is really amazing is that there are so many other amazing big companies that are hidden is our great city.

It is going to be my mission here to uncover all of the hidden gems that are here in Portland.  And trust me their are a lot of them.  A lot of the old companies are based around lumber but a lot of the newer companies are based on fashion and apparel.  It’s amazing how the city has changes over the ages.  Granted a lot of the old industries have stuck around an dare mixing with the new but that is what makes us so unique here.

With all of the new and old businesses around their has to be a lot of small local business that have to support them such as plumbers, electricians, roofers, etc.  I think you get my point.  Our city is growing.

It’s going to be my mission here to point out and write about all of the best ones here in our city.  Plus I will give you some history and background to the also.

I you need to know where to go and who to buy from then stick with me here and you will find out because I am doing all of the leg work for you.